Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why i quit Facebook

One morning while I was contemplating my decision to quit The Social Network was right or wrong, I thought of what my friends and relatives who have added me, as their friend in their list would reflect if I just disappear from their lists without any prior notice or status “That I m officially quitting this damn Network”

For one last time I decided to quickly hover over my friend list of 500+ contacts.
And I found myself trying to figure when was the last I met the friends in my list.
Though I believe I had a cherished moment like sharing a good laugh or hanging out while in College with some of them, they all felt like aliens to me now for those moments have just passed away.

All I see are some random clicks of them posted every week, sometimes everyday, with their new friends and family members. I don’t talk to them on phone or I do not know how they have been all these years or what’s really happening in their lives though all seem hale and hearty in their photos.
When I tried to chat with them. I almost felt like I was speaking to a stranger and some of them hardly had reminiscences of our times spent together.

Some had added me in their friend list bcos they knew someone with my name existed in their life at some point.
It struck me hard I was just wasting all my valued time on trying to bond with someone with whom my moments have passed on and I should probable settle down with good memories than trying to rebind.

All these contacts I believed were friends have actually trickled down to mere acquaintances. Well there was nothing to regret about because it caused me no hurt not being intimate friends with them.
When I was down with a brief stint of illness and had hardly logged in Social Network for a while, all my real friends started calling me one after the other, and some mailing me to know if i was ok as I had not been active in Social Network for a while.
It was then I realised that all my real friends and family who were genuinely concerned for me for were just a phone call away or email away.

When all that I wanted in life was around me what am I trying to do on a Social Network trying to find something that were never a part of my life.
I know some of you do feel that
Today’s success and life is all about having a network.

However I believe people who really have achieved boundless success in the past and are still achieving at the present don’t rely on Social Network.

What you see on these Social Networking sites are more like photo shopped lives of people who want you to believe that their life is a bundle of happiness and are immune to struggles.
What I really want to associate with is the life they live behind these perfect looking posters.
Sometime back I saw a R.I.P post for one of my acquaintance who had committed suicide and I was shell shocked for she seemed to be very happy in all recent pics.
I remember even liking one of her pics. I hardly knew this girl, she was someone I had probably studied when I was 8 years old. Later I came to know that she had an unhappy relationship. The irony was that she posed in all the pics with her partner (all smiles) and it seemed like “Love is in the air”

She was there in my list as a friend but there was nothing I could do to stop her from taking such a drastic step bcos I was unaware of her unhappiness.
That’s when The Social network and my long list of 500+ Friend connections made no sense to me.

Competing with the friends in your list is another bad characteristic of these social networks. Sometimes I get this vibe that everyone wants to outwit the others in the ways their lives are being lived. In this race to outwit the others we actually lose on the quality of our own lives.

Last but not the least of reasons to quit Social networking sites was numerous amount of prying that goes on by sneaky little fellows who try to plunder as much as details possible about your personal life by trying to gulp every single detail from the comments, post and notifications on our page.

How many ever safety settings you have these sneaky fellas find their loopholes to grab that information to boost their cheap gossips.

And some go to the extent of advising us on how I should live my life not being least ashamed of the fact of how pathetically they had screwed their own lives some years back and had stepped themselves on every possible filth that came up their way.
Advices are something I would appreciate from people who I respect and look upon as Role models.

 We search for good friends and relationships on these social networking sites and fail to notice the true ones right behind us making our life as sweet as possible.

And I m happy that all places I have travelled, worked and lived has given me an opportunity to have some valuable friends who continue to be a part of my life forever and we don’t need a Social Network as a medium.

Life is much more simpler when you have just a handful of friends and well-wishers
who really love and care for you.

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